International Actions

Because the profit of Cort Guitars depends so much on international buyers and markets, Cort workers and their supporters have traveled overseas to global instrument trade fairs and conventions to publicize the illegal actions of Cort and to pressure the companies that subcontract from them to demand Cort to respect basic worker rights.

**************   UPCOMING ACTION: Join us! ************************

USA:  NAMM Trade Show 2010 (Anaheim and Los Angeles, California )

WHEN:  January 8 -17, 2010

We need: musicians, artists, labor activists, media activists, cultural activists, Korean-English translators, drivers…

We would love to borrow: mikes, bullhorns, amps, vans, projectors, lights…

We will make banners, signs, temporary exhibits, instruments, noise, songs, stages, costumes …

Contact us to join the week of actions or support from wherever you are.



Germany: MUSIKMESSE 2009 (Frankfurt), 2009

A march in the street with German labor unions

The Cort and Cor-tek workers outside of Musikmesse

A candlelight vigil in front of the convention center

A German supporter holding the No Cort fliers

Japan: YOKOHAMA MUSIC FAIR 2009 (Tokyo and Yokohama), 2009

In Japan, a broad-based coalition of labor unions, precarious and temporary worker unions, cultural activists like Amateur Riot, and media activists joined together to support the Cort/ Cor-tek workers.

Cor-tek worker appealing to passerby in Tokyo

The Cort worker and solidarity delegation presents the issue and schedule of actions at Room 12, an artist and activist collective in Tokyo, Japan.

Press Conference in front of Yokohama Music Fair at Pacifico

A musical march with Cort and Cor-tek workers, Kawai workers, labor activists, Freeter Union, musicians, media and cultural activists from Korea, Japan and the US.

A supporter in front of Pacifico, helping to pass out fliers

Thank you to the unions, the collectives, the artists, the musicians, NGOs like A SEED and Peace Boat Japan.

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